Discretionary Investment Management

DCAM discretionary investment management services are solely based on the segregated account model for all its clients via a Limited Power of Attorney limited to Investment Powers at the clients designated bank(s) of choice.

DCAM has in place agreements with a number of banks (referred to as “Designated Banks”) where DCAM Clients hold their account(s). The objective of such agreements is to institutionalise the relationship between DCAM and the Designated Banks by defining a framework of cooperation. Such agreements cover, among other aspects, regulatory requirements and compliance procedures as applicable, execution pricing applied to DCAM Clients at those Banks, IT capabilities for on-line access and monitoring of the Client accounts, procedures around order placing and access to dedicated execution desks at the respective trading rooms.

DCAM predominantly manages its client’s portfolios in long-only investment strategies, under well-defined Asset Allocation guidelines and risk parameters in the three primary investment mandates and six corresponding sub mandates. In addition, DCAM offers two Islamic investment mandates via “Wakala” Agreements.

Whilst DCAM investment management is non-benchmarked it does maintain a robust set of Hurdle Rates for each mandate and sub-mandate it manages against which the Client can compare performance to.

DCAM maintains a well-defined investment management process in implementing its investment strategy and decisions covering the discretionary investment mandate it undertakes.

Wealth Management Consulting

DCAM provide a wealth management consulting service that conducts an overall review of the family group wealth, with a view of increasing the efficiency of the distribution of assets, including and not limited to restructuring advice once the overall risk profile or guidelines are agreed. 

Within the WMC service a particular emphasis is placed on generational planning whereby DCAM has well established working relationships with a number of Fiduciary Trust Companies.

Real-Estate Investment Services

The Real Estate Investment Services (“REIS”) platform is structured to deliver to DCAM Discretionary Investment Management Clients, complementary real estate investment opportunities and / or assist with their property investment objectives, focused on the London market, covering both commercial and / or residential property investments.

DCAM has in place “Co-operation Agreements” with a number of established independent property advisors (“Property Advisors”) that each specialise in their respective property sector, whether commercial (Office and Retail) or Residential.  The objective of such agreements is to establish the framework of cooperation between DCAM and the specialised “Property Advisors” by defining the respective roles of each.

The “Property Advisors” work closely with the DCAM team in sourcing property investment opportunities, from their available deal flow, that meet the investment requirements of DCAM Clients.

DCAM takes the lead on working with the Client in arranging the appropriate Legal team covering both the conveyancing and tax advice as necessary, towards setting-up the appropriate structure through which the purchase is undertaken and equally takes the lead in structuring the overall financing structure (Equity and Debt Financing) of the property in question and works with a number of Banks to that effect.


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